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The Malaysian Standard Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) was developed at the request of the Malaysian oil palm industry which is in need of a fair sustainability certification scheme to enhance market access. Malaysian Palm Oil Board as the standard developer was identified that the MSPO certification scheme will be an alternative to the currently available sustainability certification schemes. The Malaysian Standard on MSPO provides general principles for the implementation, establishment and improvement of the operational practices of a sustainability system incorporated in Malaysia to ensure the sustainable production of palm oil.

This standard currently covers the oil palm industry supply chain comprising independent and organized smallholders, plantations and palm oil mills. It also includes grouping smallholders into Sustainable Palm Oil Cluster (SPOC) or other group management systems.

The Government has approved the set of Malaysian Standard for Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO), MS 2530 MSPO Parts 1-4, on 5 September 2013. It was announced by YAB Deputy Prime Minister on 19 November 2013 during PIPOC International Palm Oil 2013 Conference.

Certification of the MSPO standard will be conducted by independent certification bodies. The certification bodies must comply with requirements of ISO17021 or other system acceptable universally and endorsed by Standard Malaysia.

The certification scheme was tested through 21 pilot audits conducted by MPOB. The pilot audits are divided into three sectors and these are smallholders (8), estates (7), and mills (7).

The mandatory timeline for Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) certification is by the end of December 2019.