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Quality and Impartiality Policy

Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) aspires to be well recognized certification body by providing third party certification services to the Palm Oil Industries on Codes of Practice along the whole palm oil supply chain. Our values define our culture and are inherent in our management system.

MPOB is committed in operating its certification activities in a manner that comply with MS ISO/IEC 17021 and any relevant regulatory requirements.

MPOB has, within its structure, an independent Certification Committee (CC) to maintain impartiality on matters of certification in compliance with accreditation requirements such as with those of MS ISO/IEC 17021. The Director-General or any assigned person will exercise their respective responsibility in advising the Certification Committee on significant matters relating to Certification.

As a mechanism to safeguard impartiality, MPOB has also appointed an Impartial Committee (IC) to ensure impartiality is maintained throughout all of the schemes that MPOB operates.

MPOB is also committed to continuously innovate ways to serve our client’s needs, develop and offer high quality services and continuously implement initiatives to improve our services.

Each individual within MPOB Certification Body should understand the content of this Policy Statement and it is to be read and comprehend with the content of this Quality Manual and its associated documentations. All personal shall be aware of their responsibilities for the effective implementation of the Quality Management System and will implement the policies, systems and procedures at all times when undertaking work on behalf of MPOB.

The Certification Manager and the team are responsible for implementing the quality policy.